MegaMind wants to expand visitors’ self-image

Anna Gerdén

A science centre for everyone – is that even possible? The National Museum of Science and Technology thinks they might be close. After three years of careful preparations and accessibility tests on more than 500 people, their major new venture MegaMind is about to open.

A Different Story – a powerful and simple way to regenerate exhibitions

Does your collection sometimes seem to limit the stories you can tell? Is the permanent exhibition a bit out of date? Exhibitions producer Clara Åhlvik inspires us with her simple regeneration method, “A Different Story”

Building bridges between Jewish and Arabic children

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art brings together Jewish and Arabic children in a society characterised by segregation. SPANA! has visited the Museum and reports on an impressive educational programme to bridge fear, hate and prejudice – which definitely could be used in Sweden.

Children’s identity and their home town

How many different identities can a small community like Timrå create, house and allow? Elisabeth Oxelhöjd reports from an arm-in-arm visit to the Children’s Museums Association’s conference in Indianapolis, and reflects on how the home community influences children’s construction of their own identity.