Anna Öjebrandt

The artists Mari Kretz, Matti Kallioinen and Nadja Ekman at a study day in the Kännbart project. Photographer: Anna Öjebrandt

Art has the unique capacity to reach and move people. The project named Kännbart (“Feel it”) explores how we can communicate without sight or hearing, through production of a contemporary art exhibition using new techniques and approaches, to enable the deafblind, the deaf and the partially sighted to experience the exhibition.​

The artist Annika Ottander had the idea more than two years ago, and together with the artist P O Hagström, she developed a project concept that is now run by the adult education organisation ABF in Örebro. They hope that the Kännbart project will have an impact on the Swedish art scene. 

The artists participating in the exhibition are given the challenge to create works that can be experienced without sight our hearing. They are assisted by art practitioners with various degrees of reduced hearing or sight. During a week in late September, a few of the artists and art practitioners will collaborate in the Swedish Exhibition Agency’s workshops, trying out ideas and creating different parts of the works.

The exhibition will open at Örebro County Museum on 7 November,  before touring to other museums and galleries throughout Sweden. 

Accessibility day 10 November in Örebro
In connection with the opening in Örebro, the Swedish Exhibition Agency is organising an accessibility day, focusing on deafblindness on 10 November. Speakers include Susanne Berg from STIL, who will talk about accessibility from the perspective of citizens in general, and a representative from the National Museum of Science and Technology, who will share experiences on accessibility from their new MegaMind science centre project. The event includes an opportunity for visitors to experience the exhibition without seeing or hearing.   

Kännbart is owned by ABF in Örebro in association with FSDB (Sweden’s association for the deafblind), and Riksutställningar – Swedish Exhibition Agency. 

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