Museums and lgbtq

Illustration by Emma Virke


The report “Museums and LGBTQ – An analysis of how museums and other exhibitors can highlight perspectives on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer persons” was published in 2015. It was the result of a government assignment to the Swedish Exhibition Agency for 2014. Now you can download the english pdf-version through the link to the right.

The history of society is a patchwork of many people and events. Often, however, only one or a few patches feature in what is considered to be our common historiography. Highlighting LGBTQ perspectives in exhibitions and museums is not about enhancing the already established picture. It is a matter of showing more pieces of the patchwork and allowing more colours to shine. It is about challenging the norms until they expand and include.

This report offers a patchwork quilt of narratives, experiences and insights from people who have worked actively to introduce LGBTQ perspectives in exhibitions and museums, in Sweden and internationally. We also hope that this report will provide knowledge that encourages more museums and exhibitors to make new efforts in this endeavour.

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