The Swedish Exhibition Agency prepares to close down and transfer its mission to support museums to the Swedish National Heritage Board

Riksutställningars kontor i Visby, foto av Håkan Ludwigson.


The Swedish Exhibition Agency is preparing to close down its activities as a separate government agency on 31 May, 2017. On 1 June, the Swedish National Heritage Board will assume responsibility for an expanded mission that includes museum issues.

The Swedish National Heritage Board has announced its plans for how it will take over from the Swedish Exhibition Agency in supporting Swedish museums. It is proposed that the Agency’s studio for technical development and its staff of four move to the National Heritage Board.  However, according to the National Heritage Board no other activities are subject to transferral according to the Employment Protection Act.  A further 13 fulltime positions will be recruited in connection with the new mission.

“Until 31 May, the Swedish Exhibition Agency will continue to work for our clients, Sweden’s museums and exhibitors, while preparing to transfer some activities to the Swedish National Heritage Board.”
–Temporary Director General, Jesper Tammilehto

In December, the referral on Cultural Heritage Policy, Kulturarvspolitik, was submitted to the Council on Legislation. The referral forms the basis for the future legislative proposal on cultural heritage, and the government proposal for a unified cultural heritage policy.

For more information, please contact our press section at the Swedish Exhibition Agency.